Dryer Balls!!! Save your dryer longterm

So for about 12 years I have been using the most non-toxic, cleanest dryer sheets I could find to further minimize toxic load in my home. About 6 months ago my friend posted on Facebook about dryer balls...what?! I had never heard of that. In all of my nutrition and detoxing over the past 12 years, why had I not heard of this? 

Well, I was immediately intrigued and started reading about them. I ordered some and shared with my husband what my plan was and why I wanted to use them. At first he was skeptical, and rightly so. Dryer sheets make your clothes smell nice and keeps them soft. So we tried them out. I was so surprised! I couldn't believe how soft my sheets were. I was so incredibly happy that something natural, even more natural and simple than organic non-toxic dryer sheets actually worked!!! I bought the 100% wool ones and I am going to try out the hedgehog ones just to see. I prefer the wool because I steer away from anything plastic as much as I can, but I would like to test them out as an alternative for others who want to switch out their dryer sheets. 

This way you don't have to worry about those with sensitive skin or chemical allergies. Nor will you have to worry about the chemicals in fabric softeners or dryer sheets and you will save money using these dryer balls over and over again instead of having to go buy more dryer sheets or fabric softener when it runs out. And if you are on a mission like me to heal our planet, this is one small way to do that. Enjoy!

Shannon BusbyComment