Food Combining 101

There is a way to eat that is optimal for digestion, assimilation and elimination. It's called Food Combining. This is one of the most exciting things I have ever learned and I learned it from my first teacher, Natalia Rose. In her first book, 'The Raw Food Detox Diet', I learned that eating foods in proper combinations gives our bodies the opportunity to digest, assimilate, and metabolize food, nutrients, and minerals beautifully and allowing the body more ease in the elimination process. So here is a quick and simple breakdown: 

Fleshes - Combine with other flesh, (red meat, fish, chicken, eggs; etc), raw non-starchy veggies, cooked non-starchy veggies. Raw cheeses can also be combined with these meals. After consuming a flesh meal, wait 3-4 hours before having another meal in a different category. 

Example: Raw fresh salad with raw goat or sheeps cheese followed by grilled salmon with sauteed spinach. 

Starches - Sweet potatoes, yams, grains, cooked and raw veggies. Avocados can also be combined in this category. After consuming a starch meal, wait 3-4 hours before having another meal in a different category to allow your body to fully digest this meal and allow it to leave the stomach. 

Example: Fresh raw salad with baby greens, avocado and cucumbers. A roasted sweet potato or other starchy root vegetable with cinnamon and organic butter. Or, one of my favorites when I first started this new lifestyle...a toasted avocado sandwhich loaded with sprouts, organic dijon mustard, hot sauce and pepper and lots of avocado or guacamole. yummy! 

Nuts/Seeds - Ideally consumed raw and with other nuts/seeds,  and raw veggies only, and mature and young coconuts. After consuming this meal, wait 3-4 hours before having another meal in a different category. 

Example: Fresh raw salad with sprouted pumpkin seeds, raw tahini/lemon/stevia dressing, loads of raw veggies, sprouts followed by coconut milk ice cream and/or a few raw macaroons.

Fruit - Eat alone and on an empty stomach, 30 minutes before another meal and at least 3-4 hours after a meal in a different category. 

There are other nuances like nut milks which tend to be neutral, treats like dark chocolate or carob chips for those who can't have chocolate like myself and endless herbal teas. Whatever other snacks or treats you want to indulge in, just make sure they combine properly to optimize your digestion and make it easier for your digestive system to do its job. Even eating the most organic and clean food on the planet will place a burden on the body when it is poorly combined with other foods. So there you have it. Enjoy!