GMO's and your fertility

When it comes to fertility, you hear a lot about food. Foods for fertility, fertility enhancing foods, a fertility diet; etc. As Alissa Vitti shows in her book, Woman Code, (,

food plays a crucial role in supporting our reproductive systems during each phase of our cycle, balancing our blood sugar and hormones, keeping our brains strong and clear, fueling our blood and creating a fertile place within our bodies for new life to grow. 

Now comes the part about organic foods vs. GMO foods for fertility. In general, GMO foods are not ideal for anyone, regardless of their fertility. But when it comes to supporting and strengthening the body for this reason, pure, real food from the earth in its natural state is the way to go. No pesticides or chemicals, no splicing or changing, just real, pure food and fresh water.

What are GMO foods anyway? They are also referred to as Frankenstein foods because certain parts of their DNA are spliced out and replaced with others. Animal meat, vegetables, fruits, seeds, grains are being altered in such a way that is completely foreign to nature. The human body DNA is not prepared for or equipped to assimilate, metabolize and eliminate these kinds of Franken-foods whose DNA has been spliced, added to, taken away from; etc. 

There are so many articles that warn about the effects of GMO foods on our health and our are just a few of them...

This article tells about studies that have been done on mice showing an alarming physical change and effect after eating GMO feed. The infertility rates in humans have spread worldwide since the time GMO foods came on the scene and it's impossible to ignore. Infertility is an epidemic and both females and males are being affected.

This article also talks about the dangers of GMO foods and the increase in animal deaths, animal infertility and baby mortality when these creatures were fed GMO foods.

By the third generation, mice who had consumed GMO feed were completely infertile. These studies are showing alarming changes in the bodies of these animals and their increased inability to conceive, hold pregnancies and a higher mortality in the babies that are born.  One GM expert said:

GM expert at Greenpeace International, Dr Jan van Aken, said: 'Genetically Engineered food appears to be acting as a birth control agent, potentially leading to infertility.

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This is incredibly scary and alarming! For someone who has been trying to conceive for 12.5 years, it's worth it to me to increase the organic foods I eat. I have been eating natural whole foods for the past 13 years.  I used to do my best with organic, but because it was so expensive and not as popular at the time when I switched my eating habits, I was only strict about organic meat and eggs. We were juicing, eating a lot of veggies, fruits and high quality stuff. As I have learned more about this, and as I have been in this infertility world for so long, I am willing to continue shifting and eating the way that nature intended for me to eat to conceive. It takes some detective work to pay attention to labeling, find out where fruits and vegetables are coming from and how they are grown, how and what cows, chickens and other land animals are fed, and how grains are grown. Knowing the sources of our food needs to be so important to us! To preserve our species, increase our ability to conceive and deliver healthy and strong children and to STOP the poisoning that is going on all around us and now within us. 

So what to do? The natural society gives a list of some of the top GMO foods to avoid and why

1. Corn

2. Soy

3. Sugar

4. Aspartame

5. Papayas

6. Canola

7. Cotton

8. Dairy

9. Yellow Squash

10. Zucchini squash

The squashes are something I consume on a regular basis, so it's worth it to me to at least start with making sure the ones I buy and eat are certified organic...or better yet, grow my own! Give yourself the gift of pure, fresh, lovely whole and natural organic food. Your body will thank you. 

Kindly, Shannon