Natural Blood Thinners

Natural blood thinners found in your kitchen…

Natural blood thinners found in your kitchen…


Do you or anyone you know want to or need to get off of prescription blood thinners? My sister recently over the past two years experienced two traumatic, scary and nearly fatal miscarriages. Because of a huge blood clot that had formed in her arm from her elbow to her jugular vein, she was put on intensive blood thinners. Miraculously, the blood clot dissolved but she had to continue taking the blood thinners for several months. Now that the prescription has ended, she reached out to me for information on natural blood thinners as she is scared to death that it will form again. I am grateful for the blood thinner medication she was on because it helped to save her life, but what if she or anyone else really wasn’t able to continue for financial reasons or what not? Here is a list of natural blood thinners that I shared with her that I am also sharing with you that you can incorporate for yourself or share with anyone else: (please note, talk with your doctor or functional medicine practitioner as you incorporate this or have questions.)

. Turmeric - Active ingredient curcumin has anti-inflammatory, blood thinning and anticoagulent properties.

. Ginger - Anti-inflammatory and contains salicylate, helping thin the blood.

. Garlic - antibiotic and antimicrobial

. Vitamin E - Almonds, sunflower seeds

. Cinnamon - Contains coumarin which acts as an anticoagulant - there is caution to have not too much as studies show long term ingestion of cinnamon can lead to liver damage.

. Burdock Root - Cleans the blood, supports lymphatic system and skin -

. Cayenne - powerful blood thinning agent

Ways to use and incorporate these natural blood thinners…

Turmeric - can be added to soups, smoothies, fresh pressed juices or the powder added to hot water for a soothing tea.

Ginger - Freshly grated, add to salads, soups, use as an ingredient in your fresh pressed juices, or drink as a tea

Burdock root - Can be eaten raw, sauteed, or taken as a tea.

Cayenne - Add a sprinkle of cayenne pepper to a mug of hot water and fresh lemon juice with stevia each morning. Add to sauces, soups, dressings and as a seasoning.

Garlic - grate or dice and add to dressings, salads, soups, or any other meal.

Vitamin E - Take a 400IU capsule daily. Kindest food recommendations are almonds and sunflower seeds

As with everything, do your research, talk with your own doctor, be calm about all of it, get second opinions and see how your own body feels and responds.

See the recipe section for yummy ideas!