Planting seeds...

I love gardening! I love planting seeds and starts and watching things grow. I have always loved it...I attribute this 'budding' love to my angel Mother who had me out in the yard with her since I was about least that's when I remember. She taught me about lady bugs, potato bugs, earthworms, different kinds of ants, beetles, pincher bugs, aphids, grasshoppers, crickets and how they all worked together in their little ecosystem. 

She taught me to dig the holes deep enough for the plants we bought to fit in and to break up the dirt and roots so they could breathe easier once they were planted. She taught me to water at the roots, not on the leaves or petals. I was intrigued by the glitter that seemed to dust the impatients she had planted and the thick curling leaves of the purple and yellow irises with their soft fluffy centers. 

She taught me how to weed and what to look for, which ones were weeds and which ones were not. She had my sister and I climb our cherry tree in the backyard and gather as many cherries as possible so she could make a homemade cherry pie...I personally loved to eat the unripe tart green cherries but she was worried it would make us sick...they were so yummy! On a deeper level, my mother planted seeds of all kinds in me, nourished them and loved them until they sprouted and she continued to tend to my little garden throughout my life. 

In a previous blog post I talked about lemons...we grew up with lemon trees in our backyard in both houses we lived in and used them for everything! Since moving to Houston Texas, I have wanted a lemon I decided to grow one. Here is the one I planted about a year ago...I am repotting it into a bigger pot so it will grow bigger. I love it so much! It's adorable! I grew this one just from some seeds I pulled out of one of the lemons I used for fresh lemon water. 

Recently, I found some spring bulbs for sale at our grocery store. I've always missed the spring bulb planting so I bought these back in October, planted them in our backyard along the fence and left them to come up when they were ready. Time passed, different holidays passed and then in January Houston went through a horrible freeze. We even got snow three different times and all around the city plants and shrubs and flowers were frozen to death...It was so sad! I was devastated at the sight of all of the beautiful flowers we had so lovingly and painstakingly planted...skeletal, dry, mushy and dark. Even though we had covered everything, the frost was brutal. 

During a time of frustration and discouragement and literal winter and frost, this little hyacinth popped up and surprised me in its sweet beauty, reminding me to keep planting. 

During a time of frustration and discouragement and literal winter and frost, this little hyacinth popped up and surprised me in its sweet beauty, reminding me to keep planting. 

One day, early in February, I went out into the backyard for something. Maybe I was watering the dry plants to help bring the roots back to life...when I looked off to the side by the fence and was shocked to see a bright pink hyacinth standing straight up out of the soil, beautiful, happy and alive. Here is a picture of the white one that followed...I was beside myself with joy! It was the most wonderful and sweet surprise. It came at a time when I was trying so hard to bring my other plants back to life, when so many people around me that I knew and loved were suffering so deeply and I was trying to keep them 'alive' and 'awake' and 'trying' bring sunshine and water into their lives through spiritual upliftment, friendship and service, to nourish the soil of their lives around them as best as I could...and then what happens? Bulbs I had planted months before...sprouted and grew and stretched and blossomed in their true state. Even during a time of intense winter and frost, these bulbs were nourished under the warm soil, and came forth at their season. 

It was an incredible comfort to me and I felt the encouragement and resolution to keep doing what I was doing for the people around keep planting the seeds. The seeds of love, patience, endurance, faith, hope, charity, forgiveness, testimony, truth, friendship, trust and the seeds that will lead people to a personal relationship with their Savior and their Heavenly Father and with themselves. The seeds I plant will grow. Even buried underground, if they are nourished, in the path of sunlight, given water...innately they have everything in them to come forth out of the biting winter frost, blossoming in their glory, reaching for the warmth of the Son that gave them life and they will stand in their full potential...

There are also seeds in my own life that I will continue to plant. Things that I want to have grown yesterday but I still need to nourish...seeds of the success of my business, seeds of relationships in family, seeds of personal growth in different areas of my life, seeds of spiritual matters...everything I do matters. Everything I do that is a positive step forward is doing something to nourish these seeds, to bring about more success and validation. Every mistake in these areas is just practicing, weeding, pruning, watering...learning what works and what doesn't, what will nourish these seeds in my life and what will actually poison them and hold me back. 

What are the seeds you want to plant in your own life? What are the things you want to flourish and grow? Each seed and bulb is different. Each goal we have is different and unique and will require different actions and steps to achieve them. But everything we do, however big or small, that is positive will nourish the seeds in our lives and we will see that THEY WILL GROW! There is a season for everything. 

Just keep planting...

Love, Shannon