You're Here Now...That's all that Matters

In one of my previous posts I talked about the modern dance classes I'm taking. Each class I go to consists of warmups, floor work, technique and working on a choreographed piece. I am very rusty and learning how I learn again, staying focused so that I can connect all of the shapes with smooth transitions and the other movements that make it all flow into an actual dance. These are open classes to the public that are also attended by the members of the professional dance company there. 


Well, this past Friday, I went to one of my favorite modern classes and we did the warmups but pretty much all of the class was improvisational. In the warmups, the teacher wanted us to focus on our hands, connecting all of our movements, stretching our muscles to their max, not just loose movements, but very purposeful and conscious movements. The end of each movement connecting with the beginning of the new movement. 

It was an amazing experience. I just danced and danced and danced. It wasn't about following any choreography and creating the shapes the teacher was was about taking the concept she gave us and creating the movements ourselves, exploring what our bodies could do, challenging ourselves to see how fully we could do this. 

I came alive. Normally I struggle with not feeling like I am 'behind' or trying to 'catch up'. Not this time, I was in my own space, creating my own movements with my own body, discovering what it could do, how far it could stretch, how deep it could bend and fold, spin and twirl, how it felt to keep my balance while doing different moves, fast and slow, how much power could I put into it, how brave could I be...

This made me think about the gospel and our spiritual relationship with our Heavenly Father and our walk with Him. Sometimes I have heard people say they are 'baby Christians'...that is like nails on a chalkboard. Not because it may not be true, I understand the concept, but I feel like people hold themselves back because they label themselves. There are women around me at church who think that because they don't know enough doctrinally, or haven't read all of the scriptures front to back twice, that they don't have any place to be encouraging other sisters in the church and share testimony or personal insight they gain from their studies. It's just not true! Or they feel like they are 'behind' everyone else and need to 'catch up'. Jesus said, 'Come Follow Me'...He didn't say, 'only if you have believed in me for the past 10 years, or can quote 20 scriptures right now in front of Me. No, you are here now, that's what matters. We have been given the direction, now, how far can we stretch ourselves? Our spiritual gifts and talents? Our focus and determination? Our faith? Our time? What does following that invitation look like for each of us? We are not asked to follow Him the same way as the person next to us, but the way WE are supposed to. Just like in my dance classes, I was given the concept and then given the chance to do that to my greatest ability, to see what I am capable of, what I am made of physically and where I can get stronger, more flexible, faster, where I can slow down and be aware of my focus. 


One of my dear friends and a fertility coach and healer, Molly Nichols, always reminds those she works with that there is no falling behind or needing to catch up. Just meet yourself where you are each day, do your best and step into a higher version of yourself. 

When it comes to our health, yes, we could all be swarmed with regrets of how we ate as children, or didn't eat, exercised or didn't...etc. Or, we could just decide to meet ourselves where we are now with compassion, acceptance, trust, hope and kindness and go forward. I have clients that start to go into all of their regrets about what they didn't do over the years to take care of their health, or what they did or are doing currently that is sabotaging themselves. I listen, but I help them understand that while all of those things are a part of the story, what matters is where they are now. No matter if others would see us as 'late to the party' so to speak, we are here now, and that's what matters. I am older now, coming back into dance. I have apologized countless times to my teachers for butchering their beautiful choreography, for taking so long to learn the steps, for not being able to remember things quickly. Never once have I been scolded, never once judged, never once been asked to leave. I have been adjusted when my form needed alignment, and shown how I could stretch further and challenged to shift this or that. Any time I have apologized, each teacher has looked me directly in the eyes, and a bit confused asked me, 'what do you mean? you did great! That's what class is for, to practice and try and fall on our face and see what we can do. I am so glad you came today'. They each have hugged me and told me they hoped to see me the following week. Yes! I continue to go, to try, to fall on my face, lose my balance, forget the moves, and then when I DO remember a sequence and my body moves in full extension, I am elated! They have each mentioned, ' you're here now, that's what matters and we welcome you. ' These are professional dancers that get paid to do what they teacher, who is absolutely flawless when she dances,  even looked at me once after I apologized and shrugged her shoulders, smiled at me and said, 'who am I to judge? I'm not perfect. " 


So, meet yourself where you are on your life path today. Make a choice you have been wanting to make, make a change you have been wanting or feeling the need to change, initiate a dream you have had but haven't started yet or that hasn't worked out so far, and without judgement or regret, say to yourself with compassion and welcoming, 'you're here now, that's what matters.' And then rock it!