One more Light...

Each life is precious. Each life on earth is like a light in the sky that makes up a tapestry of billions of stars. It may not seem like anyone would notice if one disappeared, or fell from the sky, but it is noticed. Astronomers study our galaxy, the stars are charted, new ones are discovered. There are constellations that are made up of specific stars and these stars are of so much worth and value. People even have stars named after someone they love in their honor and give them as gifts. Each star is full of electromagnetic energy and are we. Very powerful. 


This past year I have seen a lot of loss in the lives of many loved ones as well as myself. Both of my sisters have experienced miscarriages...both have experienced the loss of dreams for future children in their family. My one sister recently lost her cat, the one that stayed by her side, slept on her belly during her pregnancies and after her miscarriages. A brother in our church passed away after having a heart surgery. My husband and I were informed of our dear friend Tommie who died tragically back in West Africa, in Liberia this past year. He was our driver, but had become our son and friend and we were devastated and heart broken. I went to stay with a friend of mine when I went to Austin and she shared with me their painful experience of losing their 1 .5 year old daughter who drowned in their pool. They were remembering her during the anniversary of her death to the day of her next birthday, about 15 days in between. Their front yard tree was strewn with pink ribbon and family photos. The swing was garlanded with pink roses. Large pink ribbons were wrapped around bushes, trees, pillars. Some of the hardest things people have said to her are, 'well, at least you have other children', or 'you're young, you can still have more...' It's not about that. It's about the life that was lost, the child she had to give back to Heaven before she was ready. My sister has had many women say to her, 'just get it all taken out, you already have two kids.' It's not about that. She had names picked out, she had dreams, she had plans...Some would say, 'oh, it's just a cat', or 'oh, that man was so old, he was going to die anyway...'  or 'oh, he was just a driver in...what country is that?"


No, each life matters. Each life that returned to a Heavenly Home was a painful loss to the rest of us. There are wounds and holes and gaps where those beautiful stars used to be. They will be remembered always and I personally, have committed to honoring and remembering those who others have had to say goodbye to. 

'Who cares if one more light goes out, in a sky of a million stars?...who cares if someone's time runs out...well, I do. " - Linkin Park, One more Light