Coconut Water Kefir

I struggled for years with digestion issues. Issues that were caused by lots of different things, poor food choices, not combining food properly, and loads of stress. One of the things I learned about as I was searching for relief was from Donna Gate's book Body Ecology, about healing the gut with fermented foods and beverages. I was really intrigued about the idea of getting good bacteria back into your body and helping your body fight off inflammation and disease with these probiotic foods and drinks. I was doing a lot at the time to heal my colon and so I gave it a shot. I tried lots of different things; homemade sauerkraut, coconut milk kefir, kefir water with kefir grains. Recently after returning from West Africa, I decided to get back into my fermented drinks a little bit and see how it does for me. So I ordered Donna Gate's Kefir Starter and bought some boxed coconut water. You want to use coconut water not from concentrate but the real stuff. Ideally you would crack open a couple of fresh young coconuts and use the water from those. Either way, you follow the directions on the packet and add it to the coconut water. The coconut water needs to be warmed a little bit, just to a tepid feel, not actually warm but not cold. The picture above shows the jar outside...I didn't leave it outside to ferment! The morning was just so pretty so I used the morning light as a backdrop for my picture. I let the jar sit on my's pretty warm here in Houston so I just leave it by the window. If you are in a cold climate, you can wrap it in a dish towel and put it in a small cooler. 

It took about 3-4 days for it to ferment to where it was fizzing. I took a shot of it each morning and it was so yummy. I actually did see an improvement in my sugar cravings and in my hair and I could feel it working in my digestive tract. I believe that everyone needs to see for themselves how things feel for them in their own body. So if you're feeling interested, intrigued, fascinated or curious about fermented drinks, this would be a nice one to start with. It's easy to make at home and it's fresh. Or maybe you have been told by a doctor or practitioner that you need to start adding in some probiotic foods into your diet. This would be something nice to try out adding to your day. Enjoy! 

Shannon Busby