Shan's traveling veggie chili two ways


My husband will be traveling for work so I have made a few meals ahead of time to freeze that he can take in his luggage and put in the freezer when he arrives at his destination. He told me that some days he is just so exhausted after the workday he has no desire to cook for himself. He wanted to make these meals before he left but he has been busy remodeling the guest bathroom so I took it upon myself to make them. Here is the vegetarian chili I made as a base. I separated the chili into several freezer bags once it cooled down. For the second option, I cooked up some ground organic turkey and added that to a few of the bags. So here is the recipe! Enjoy! Just an FYI, I had my husband taste the finished product and he told me it was 'stupid good!' Ha! 

20-24 fresh tomatoes (or if you don't want to make them from scratch, 1-2 cans of whole stewed tomatoes) 

For using the fresh tomatoes : 

Directions: Simmer the tomatoes in a large pot filled with water to cover them all. Once their skins get soft, turn off the heat and let them cool enough to the touch. One by one, remove the skins (my husband does NOT like the tomato skins). Once removed, continued cooking the tomatoes until the juices start to come out. Stir occasionally and smash the tomatoes a little bit each time. 

Shan's traveling chili recipe directions: ( dislcaimer - I'm really bad at measuring things...I'm an abstract artist and it carries over into my cooking. So adjust as needed. Have fun! )

Stewed tomatoes

2-3 cups black beans (you can used canned but I prefer non-canned food, so I made them from scratch. It was really easy. Soak overnight, then cook in water for about 20 minutes or so before adding them to the chili.)

2 Cups sprouted and cooked mung beans

1/2 bag of shredded carrots

1 Cup chopped celery

1 Medium onion

2-4 fresh garlic cloves (depends on the size and how garlicky you want it)

2-4 Tbs. Sea or Pink Himalayan salt

1 Tbs. Black pepper  or if you are using a grinder, around 20 twists

1/2 Cup dried parsley

1/4 -1/3 Cup smoked Paprika

1//3 Cup chili powder

1 -7 oz jar organic tomato paste

1/2 tsp. cumin powder

1/4 tsp cinnamon

1/2 -1 tsp. coconut sugar (can ommit if the tomato paste or cinnamon sweetens it enough for you.)

Cook it all until veggies and beans are extra soft. Add more or less seasonings depending on your palate preference and what makes you happy...or as my husband says, whatever makes it 'stupid good' to you!